WhyImmanuel Apostolic Assembly (IAA) began its decent into heresy and apostasy over twenty years ago, so why now? Why start a website after all of this time? One generation has already grown up within the confines of IAA; indoctrinated into the heretical beliefs proffered by the “Bride of Christ” – Ruth Kellogg, and her false prophet, Debbie Hovland (DJ). Many from that first generation were able to make their escape, having their eyes opened and their hearts illuminated and set free by the truth of the living word of God.  Many of these former members have since reconnected via social networking sites on the internet, and a renewed interest in the bizarre teachings of IAA has been rekindled. It is for the next generation that this website is dedicated, in the hope that by exposing the unfruitful works of darkness, and by bringing into the light of public scrutiny, and true Biblical analysis, the false teachings of Hovland, Kellogg and IAA, some of this new generation might tunnel under the wall of lies and deception that has been built around them and effect their own escape.


Soli Deo Gloria


About Mike Ritt

I tell people that I am a writer trapped in the body of a Consumer Safety Inspector for the USDA. I love to spend my free time (ha-ha) reading and writing, and I write everything – stories, poems, essays, and shopping lists – it doesn't matter. I have been married to my redhead (Tami) for over twenty-five years now. Although we live in the mountains of western Montana, we are still die-hard Packer fans! I have been a Christian for over thirty years now, and each day seems like a brand new day, with more to learn about God and his word. What a wonderful journey this has become! Click the “Contact” button on the menu bar if you want to write me for any reason, whether it’s to know more about me or the glorious gospel of grace.
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