Copy-of-Bible-StudyJesus warned his disciples that many false Christ’s and false prophets would arise and would deceive many. We see the truth of this today with the proliferation of cults, the New Age, eastern religions, and even psychology, self-help, and some quasi-political groups. With so many different messages and messengers out there, how is a Christian supposed to discern the truth from the error?

Click on the link below to download a copy of our False Prophets Bible study, which looks at four different tests that the Bible gives which must be applied to any teaching or to any prophet claiming to be divinely inspired. Failing any one of these tests would invalidate the teaching and prove the prophet to be false.

You can also go to “Links and Resources” on the menu tab above and click on “Downloads” to download a copy.

False Prophets Bible Study – Teachers Guide

False Prophets Bible Study – Students Guide

Soli Deo Gloria


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    Download a copy of IAAtruth’s Bible study on discerning false prophets and teachers.


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