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Did God Condone Slavery in the Bible?

“Doesn’t the Bible teach that it is alright to own slaves and to even sell our children into slavery?” An atheist friend of mine once posed this question to me, hoping, I believe, to demonstrate to me that Christians don’t … Continue reading

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Christianity vs. Christmas

OK…time for a pop quiz. First question: True or false – According to the gospel of Luke, a multitude of angels appeared to the shepherds who were watching their flocks on the night that Jesus was born, and sang praises … Continue reading

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An Atoothfairyist’s Tale: How To “Not Believe” In Something

I am an “a-tooth-fairyist.” That is to say that I do not believe in the Tooth Fairy. I have been an atoothfairyist for almost my entire life.  As an atoothfairyist, I hardly give the tooth fairy a second thought. As a … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

I recently hosted an interaction on Twitter between myself and about a dozen people who claimed to be atheists, in which I asked the following question, “What do you think are the strongest and the weakest arguments for the existence … Continue reading

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Revelation, Inspiration, Illumination…What’s The Difference?

The difference between revelation, inspiration, and illumination may seem to be a technical one; however, it is a very important one. Many Christians use these three words interchangeably. It is incumbent upon believers to understand how God makes himself known … Continue reading

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