55327_girl-writing_lgLetters are the primary way that Ruth Kellogg communicates with the members of Immanuel Apostolic Assembly (IAA), particularly since she went into seclusion over twenty years ago and stopped participating in the social life of the fellowship. Ruth writes prodigiously!

The letters include some that were written by Deb Hovland, and are purported to have been dictated by Jesus via the prophetic ministry. Most of these letters were to be read before the congregation in the context of small groups which were led by “Enablers”. An example would be those letters designated the People letters. Others of this type were meant only for the eyes and ears of a select few leaders in the church. An example here would be the Image letters. Still others of this type were written by “Jesus” to Ruth, and are of a vein that I refer to as the Dearest Darling letters (after the most common salutation used). These are a group of love letters from Jesus to his Queen. These, naturally, were kept very private and not in circulation among the rank-and-file members.

Another type of letter quoted from is that type that was written by Ruth herself and does not claim to be dictated by the Lord. In at least one instance (the May, 1992 letter), Ruth writes to the entire congregation, but generally speaking, this type of letter was usually written only to an individual or a couple, and almost always was used to chastise someone for their actions, or more often, for their inaction. These letters are valuable, for they show us how Ruth views herself and her position and authority at IAA and over the lives of its members.

Whether the letters were written by Ruth Kellogg or by Deb Hovland (as from the Lord), They are attributed to Ruth because they are viewed among members of IAA as a vital part of Ruth’s ministry, on a par with the sacred and infallible, divinely inspired word of God, and because she could, at any time, publically refute any one of them but has not done so.

I wanted to present the letters “as is,” so they have been scanned and then made into pdf documents. I know that some of them, especially the hand written ones, are sometimes hard to make out. But this was the best option available for avoiding human error in posting them to this site.


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