DearDarlingThis group of letters designated the “Dearest-Darling” letters, first appeared in February of 1993. They were written by Deb Hovland (DJ) as she claims to having received them from Jesus via the prophetic ministry. These are a group of love letters from Jesus to his “Dearest-Darling”, and are full of pet names and terms of endearment from Jesus to Ruth, such as “Beloved”, “My Love”, “Mine”, “My Sweet”, “Baby”, “My Dear”, “My Beloved Beauty”, and more of the same. It is in the “Dearest-Darling” letters that we learn that Ruth is the actual, physical bride of Christ, and that she is a Queen who will rule and reign over the kingdom of God.


(More letters will be added to this page as they are scanned and uploaded.)


DD-February 10, 1993 This is the first of the “Dearest-Darling” letters. In it we have Jesus addressing Ruth, with several references made to “DJ” (Deb Hovland). In this letter, we can get a glimpse of how Jesus supposedly feels about his “Dearest Darling Beauty”, as well as a good insight into the relationship that existed between Ruth and Deb. In this letter, we learn: 1) Ruth is to be waited on hand and foot – totally pampered with all of her needs being taken care of for her by DJ, including bathing, eating, dressing, etc… 2) Ruth not only wore a diaper, but was to drink out of a bottle like a baby. 3) DJ was instructed by Jesus to give daily enemas to Ruth.


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