Picture of the actor Kevin Costner that accompanied the Image Letter. This is what Rutth Kellogg's "Jesus" looks like

Picture of the actor Kevin Costner that accompanied the Image Letter. This is what Rutth Kellogg’s “Jesus” looks like

This group of letters, known as the “Image Letters,” came out in the first half of 1993. These letters brought forth the revelation that Jesus – according to Ruth – would look just like the actor Kevin Costner if he was to appear to us in bodily form. Ruth received this revelation while watching the movie “Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves.” These letters were not available to the main body of the membership of Immanuel Apostolic Assembly, but only to a select group of leaders. It is unknown to this day whether or not the membership at large has ever seen these letters or is aware of this doctrine of the image of Jesus. This was considered special information for only a privileged few.


IL-April 1993 This letter, dated 04/20/93, is one (but not the first) of the “Image Letters.” Jesus is speaking first person in this letter that was addressed to a particular couple in the church. There are several things that it teaches us about Ruth and her beliefs regarding the image of Kevin Costner. In this letter we learn: 1) Rejecting this image of “Jesus” is to reject him as he truly is. 2) Peace and knowledge of the true Jesus can be gained by meditating on the image. 3) Freedom and bonding between believers comes from knowledge of the true image of Jesus. 4) Incredible feelings, such as have never been experienced before, are possible through allowing the image into the heart. 5) The image is given in order that Jesus might become more of a reality to us.


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