The following list of questions is to help you, the reader, think through a number of things that perhaps you have never seriously considered on your own before. The instructions at the beginning of the questionnaire state that, “answering YES to any of the following questions may be an indication of an unhealthy problem in your group or with your leaders.” However, in some cases, a “YES” answer would be indicative of a healthy church. So read the questions carefully.

Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire_Generic



Jesus warned his disciples that many false Christ’s and false prophets would arise and would deceive many. We see the truth of this today with the proliferation of cults, the New Age, eastern religions, and even psychology, self-help, and some quasi-political groups. With so many different messages and messengers out there, how is a Christian supposed to discern the truth from the error?

Let us look at four different tests that the Bible gives which must be applied to any teaching or to any prophet claiming to be divinely inspired. Failing any one of these tests would invalidate the teaching and prove the prophet to be false.

(Two versions are available for download: The Teachers Guide, which contains the answers, and the Student Guide, which is without the answers. The lesson is appropriate for either individual or group study.)

False Prophets Bible Study – Teachers Guide

False Prophets Bible Study – Students Guide


Ruth Kellogg vs the word of God

Ruth Kellogg vs the word of God


A series of fact sheets comparing the teachings of Ruth Kellogg of Immanuel Apostolic Assembly with the teachings of scripture.

The first three RVT’s show us some of the general teachings about Ruth Kellogg’s position and authority at Immanuel Apostolic Assembly.

RVT 001 – We are to bow down to Ruth and worship her just as we would the Lord Jesus.

RVT 002 – Members of IAA are to look to Ruth first and Jesus second, as even Jesus bows to Ruth.

RVT 003 – Ruth claims to be the actual, physical bride of Christ. She is royalty, and will reign as Queen over the Kingdom of God.

The Bible gives four tests that must be applied to any teaching or to any prophet claiming to be divinely inspired. Failing any one of these tests would invalidate the teaching and prove the teacher to be false. The next four RVT’s show that Ruth Kellogg fails every one of the four tests of a prophet.

RVT 004 – The Test of Accuracy.

RVT 005 – The Test of Other Gods.

RVT 006 – The Test of Another Spirit.

RVT 007 – The Test of Another Gospel.





HTIADRGHow to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group – Many groups have masked their identity behind religion, offering a spiritual solution to attract those who are searching for answers in life. Author Mart De Haan shares wisdom from Scripture and insights from the experiences of someone who walked the descending staircase of a dangerous religious group. Discover how you can recognize, avoid, and be delivered from the dangerous snares of spiritual abuse. (This publication is made available through RBC Ministries. Visit their web page at



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